Treatment of Alzheimer’s

Treatment of Alzheimer's

The treatment works best if the Alzheimer’s is in early stages. Physical activity can help your loved one keep some muscle strength and coordination. It might also boost his mood and help him feel less anxious. Check with his doctor to learn which types of exercise are appropriate. Repetitive activities, like walking, gardening, or even folding laundry may be the best at giving him a sense of calm. The picture below shows a helping note for a Alzheimer’s victim.



As stated above that there’s no proper cure for Alzheimer’s and no way to slow the nerve damage it causes in the brain. But there are medications that appear to help maintain mental skills and slow the disease’s effects. If your loved one gets treatment early on, she may be able to stay independent and do her daily tasks for a longer period of time. some of the food helps the patients in overcoming this disease such as  Mediterranean diets rich in vegetables, fish, and nuts.