Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

Symptoms of Alzheimer's

What are the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s? There are many kinds of Symptoms of Alzheimer’s. It usually occurs in old age but that doesn’t means that it can’t attack a comparatively young person. The early-onset Alzheimer’s, include problems with a persons memory, the power of judgment and quality of thinking is effected greatly. The doctors differentiate […]

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Treatment of Alzheimer’s

Treatment of Alzheimer's

The treatment works best if the Alzheimer’s is in early stages. Physical activity can help your loved one keep some muscle strength and coordination. It might also boost his mood and help him feel less anxious. Check with his doctor to learn which types of exercise are appropriate. Repetitive activities, like walking, gardening, or even […]

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How is Alzheimer’s Diagnosed?

How is Alzheimer's Diagnosed?

One thing must be understood that there is no proper way to diagnose Alzheimer’s & no simple test for this disease, so the doctor will rely on you to describe the changes in your loved one. A mental status test, sometimes called a “mini-cog,” or other screening tests can measure his mental skills and short-term memory. […]

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All about Alzheimer’s


This post is about a popular disease known as “Alzheimer’s“. It usually occurs with the passage of age, so this post is specially related to Alzheimer’s in aged people & senior citizens of the world. In this Article, you will be informed about all the symptoms & possible cures & Alzheimer’s disease Facts of this dangerous disease. What […]

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