Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

Symptoms of Alzheimer's

What are the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s?

There are many kinds of Symptoms of Alzheimer’s. It usually occurs in old age but that doesn’t means that it can’t attack a comparatively young person. The early-onset Alzheimer’s, include problems with a persons memory, the power of judgment and quality of thinking is effected greatly. The doctors differentiate Alzheimer’s in different stages on the basis of its symptoms & severances. Memory loss and dementia will get severe as the stages of Alzheimer’s advance. Symptoms can be treated & somehow controlled for a specific period of time with medication, but there is no proper cure of Alzheimer’s.

As we know that it is normal for many old aged people to forget things so we should not always think of Alzheimer’s whenever we see any forgetful senior citizen. It can be any other normal disease because of his/her age.

Alzheimer’s takes a different path in every person. Sometimes the symptoms get worse quickly and lead to severe memory loss and confusion within a few years. For other people the changes are gradual. It could take 20 years for the disease to run its course. Sadly most people live just 3 to 9 years after diagnosis. The picture below shows a snap of an Alzheimer’s patient finger. This threads may help him to remember a specific task.