Masturbation-Joyous yet Destructive

Masturbation-Normal or Harmful

In this article you will get to know about the side effects of doing excessive or prolonged masturbation. Overview Masturbation is a sexual behavior that involves using a means other than sexual intercourse to stimulate mostly the genitals or another part of the body to produce sexual arousal or excitement. Sometimes masturbation is a normal, […]

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The Deadly Asthma


This is an overview Article regarding a respiratory disease known as “Asthma“. This disease is not that much viral & it is specially related to the Lungs. Asthma is very common all around the globe. It usually occurs in late ages but its also seen in young infants and kids. Its not a killer disease but sometimes its […]

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All About Allergies

Treatment of Allergies

This is a overview post regarding different kinds of “Allergies“.  Allergies are very common all around the globe. It usually occurs due to the atmosphere and climate or weather change. So this post is specially related to “Allergies” occurred by climatic change. In this comprehensive Article, you will be informed about all the symptoms & […]

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